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Beautifully Reconstructed

Welcome to Beautifully Reconstructed!

Who is Beautifully Reconstructed?

Called to Serve as an Agent of Change!

Michelle Coe is an ordained Five-Fold Ministry Teacher, Author, Transformational Coach and founder of Beautifully Reconstructed Ministries.  Not having a deep spiritual upbringing she never imagined YAHWEH would choose her to be a conduit for healing and restoration; however, has embraced her calling and is pursuing the FATHER'S heart concerning Kingdom matters to impact lives in a manner that will bring HIM glory. 

The 44 year old Charleston native grew up in a single parent home with her mother, Joann Johnson and spent time with her father, John Lee Coe, as often as possible at his various duty stations. 

With seeds of molestation and rejection leading the way, as early as her elementary years,

Michelle often found herself making wrong decisions in life which continued even after becoming a born again believer because of concealed strongholds that needed to be uprooted. 

In 1998, looking for a fresh start, she left Charleston to move to Charlotte, where she met and married. The marriage would last for eleven years during which time there were numerous counts of infidelity as well as emotional abuse which she endured in silence. After years of doing so she found herself imitating his behavior. It was there in that broken and bewildered state she recognized her need not only to walk away from this destructive relationship but also her need for deliverance from the perversion which had introduced itself in her youth.

Once separated she found herself searching for her true self and embarked on the journey that would allow the FATHER to reveal HIMSELF in a relational way to find her identity in HIM. Strategically the FATHER planted her in Greenville, SC, where she joined Open Door Ministries. Under the leadership of Apostles David and Angela Holloway she began to walk out the freedom afforded to her by the FATHER.

In her seeking for purpose, the gift of writing, which had been lying dormant within her, was revived and in 2011 she began writing poetry for Far Above Rubies Magazine and in 2017 also became a Contributing Writer for Authentically You Magazine. July 12, 2017 Michelle released a ten day devotional titled, "I Am Not Inadequate!", which is the first of the books to be birthed from that which she has and continues to overcome through CHRIST.

Beautifully Reconstructed Ministries was officially launched on the same date as the devotional and set her on the course to fully walk out her gifting as a Transformational Coach. As part of her mission to help others transform their lives through the healing power of GOD'S Word and her personal testimony she holds a conference call every second and fourth Monday, "Let's Talk, Let's Heal, Let's Live", in which she speaks on topics of brokenness and more importantly how to abound over them. She also ministers the same through her blog which is named after the ministry. Each vein of the ministry has led women to request her personally mentoring them, which she does with GOD'S grace to further fulfill her passion to see people walk out the freedom CHRIST afforded them.

In 2014 she was ordained under her spiritual covering as a Minister and the following year ordained a Five-Fold Ministry Teacher.  Through the ministries GOD has entrusted into her hands it is her desire that others will come into the realization of the great love the FATHER has for them so that they too may fulfill their destinies in CHRIST.  She is living and wholeheartedly stands on Ecclesiastes 3:11; HE has made everything beautiful in its time!